Our Story

 Hello!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Jennifer, I'm the founder and owner of Peaceful Places. I'm a work from home Mom of two in central Kentucky, happy wife, and joyful country gal.  I love backroads drives, a brisk flowing stream, any kind of mountain view, and coffee, among other things.  LOTS of coffee!!!  

  After spending most of my young life in the public eye as a professional bluegrass musician, hitting my 20's God called me to a calmer, more "peaceful" lifestyle. In 2013, my wonderful husband, Chance, and I started our life journey together and there's never been a more supportive and loving husband in all of Mom-owned "business-hood".  (Or at least that's what I think!) 

  Late in 2015 we were gifted with the joy of parenthood and I quit my job to follow my life-long calling to be a stay-at-home Mom.  I started Peaceful Places in early 2016 and have grown year by year, day by day, season by season from there. 

What once started out as pouring a few candles on my kitchen stove for friends and family and wedding favors has now turned into a thriving brand with a full product line.  We attend craft shows and fairs with an attendance of 25,000+ and can be found in a lovely array of small boutiques, gift shops, and handmade marketplaces all over the country.  Growing slowly and putting family first have always been our goals and God continues to bless that vision!

  In late 2019, we were blessed with the huge opportunity to buy the company I worked for over many developmental years in my life, Ladybug Blessings Natural Bath & Body Products.  My friend Lana started Ladybug Blessings from her heart's passion in 1999 and we stepped up to take over the vision and grow into a new era.  Peaceful Places and Ladybug Blessings are proud to become sister companies and we offer joint wholesale opportunities, as well as discounts and specials.  

  All of Peaceful Places products are made, assembled, and packaged in our custom facility outside Campbellsville, Kentucky.  These are safe, non-toxic products that we are proud to produce for your homes and our own.  All of our ingredients and components are made in the USA, and we try to support local or nearby companies as much as possible. As an example, our natural soy wax comes from a company in Louisville and supports our farming families!  We were

awarded the Kentucky Proud certification in 2016 because of those principles!   Our company is also woman-owned and operated, mostly staffed by mothers with children 5 years old and under.  We are proud to support our community of mothers trying to put their families first while providing a safe and stable future!  

Our Name

 After a rocky childhood, God laid on my heart that it was my duty to keep my home a peaceful place for my family, friends, and children to always feel safe and invited to gather, laugh, and praise. Therefore the name "Peaceful Places" was born. Each of our products are carefully chosen to help your home be a blessed and peaceful place as well. As our motto on the label says, "Carefully handcrafted to bless your home with a peaceful environment."


From my heart & home to yours, please enjoy all we have to offer!

    With love; Jennifer B.