Campfire Cashmere *Closeout*

Campfire Cashmere *Closeout*

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Brand New for FALL 2023!!!

This fragrance is so exceptional that we don't even know how to describe it! Let's paint a picture instead:

It's a nice October evening, the whole family is out back by the bonfire.  Your dad is wearing his favorite sweater that you still remember as a kid, smoking an evening pipe of fine tobacco.  Mom just carried out a fresh round of graham crackers for those marshmallows the kids are toasting over the fire.  There's a faint hint of bourbon & vanilla on the breeze, and that wood crackling on the fire just smells like everything of fall. Stories are being shared, treasured memories made, and you just want to bottle it up.  It's perfection in a moment! 

THIS is that luxurious, complex fall scent you've been looking for!  Men will love it, women will be swooning in delight.  Try it!

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